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Dual Credit

Dual Credit is a program that allows students to earn credit for college coursework concurrent with a high school course.  Most dual credit courses will earn a student six credit hours for the year that can be applied to a future university enrollment through Northwest Vista College.

Students earn credit through Northwest Vista College, and the credit can transfer to all public colleges and universities in Texas.  Out-of-state colleges or universities and private colleges and universities are not obligated to accept dual credit coursework for college credit, though they might.

We offer the following courses; however, this list is subject to change based on HCHS faculty and the annual revision to our MOU with Northwest Vista College.

  • English III AP/DC (English 1301 and 1302)
  • English IV AP/DC (English 2322 and 2323)
  • English IV Honors DC (English 1301 and 1302)
  • Spanish III  Pre-AP/DC (Spanish 2311 and 2312)
  • Pre-Calculus (Pre-AP)/DC (Math 1414 and 2412)
  • AP Calculus AB/DC (Math 2413)
  • AP Calculus BC/DC (Math 2414)
  • U.S. History (Hist 1301 and 1302)
  • Medical Terminology (Hitt 1305)

Most of our dual credit courses at HCHS are delivered as AP classes, as well, and it is the express expectation of HCHS that all dual credit students take the corresponding AP exam.  The exceptions are Spanish III and Pre-Calculus which are offered as pre-AP courses.

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