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Discovery Time/Instructional Specialists

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Jennifer Baker

In art class at Hoffmann Elementary, students expand their creativity while practicing fine motor skills. Students use various mediums throughout the year to design art pieces inspired by famous artists as well as pieces from their own imaginations.  

Northside is one of only very few districts of substantial size that has established an elementary art and music curriculum to be taught only by certified art and music instructors K-5 on 100% of the district elementary campuses.

Lawrence Beebe

The GT/Advanced Academics department provides unique programs that nurture the abilities of high performing students while fostering parent and community involvement by building a challenging learning environment that encourages life-long learning, nurtures high self-esteem, expands access to higher education, and provides experiences that enable students to reach their fullest potential as independent thinkers.

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Melissa Romero

Northside Libraries are the heart of each school community, creating meaningful and diverse learning opportunities, nurturing in our students a love for reading and learning, and developing in them the skills necessary to fully participate in society.

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Samantha Flores

The mission of the Division of Mathematics is to provide curriculum leadership and instructional support for the development of mathematical literacy to impact student achievement and promote lifelong learning. Our goals are:

  • Improve the teaching and learning of mathematics so that all students are ensured equitable standards based education;
  • Implement a variety of professional development opportunities for all teachers of mathematics and computer science which are designed to increase student performance;
  • Promote standards based, data driven curricula which will ensure that all students master the course objectives;
  • Coordinate the implementation of grants for mathematics in order to maximize achievement of all students in mathematics.

Joyce Gill

Children from ages sing, dance, play and create using fundamentals of music. Each year the children's experiences grow through many opportunities with different genres, cultures, and instruments. 

Northside is one of only very few districts of substantial size that has established an elementary art and music curriculum to be taught only by certified art and music instructors K-5 on 100% of the district elementary campuses.

Coach Amie Strange and Coach Patrick Ware

Northside ISD's Elementary Physical Education 

NISD physical education program derives from the research-based SPARK and CATCH Curriculums. SPARK is a public health organization dedicated to creating, implementing, and evaluating programs that promote lifelong wellness. CATCH is a Coordinated School Health Program with over 25 years of research and the most scientific evidence of effectiveness. Both programs adhere to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills and CATCH is TEA Approved as a Coordinated School Health Program.


State law requires school districts to annually assess the physical fitness of students enrolled in grade three or higher and to provide the results of individual student performance on the administered physical fitness assessments to the Texas Education Agency (TEA). The Physical Fitness Assessment Initiative (PFAI) is a program designed to collect and analyze the required student physical fitness data.

Parents may request their child's physical fitness assessment results by contacting their child's physical education teacher.

Restricted Physical Education

A student who is unable to participate in the state-required regular PE program due to a specific physiological condition will have his/her program modified in a restricted PE program.

Physician's Form

Andrea Turk

Reading Programs used at school

Imagine Learning is for bilingual students and students in the dual language program. Parents can request QR code login from teachers. 


Northside Independent School District is committed to providing students identified with dyslexia appropriate research based instruction and academic support to prepare them to be successful, lifetime readers and writers. NISD has a district-wide plan that follows guidelines and procedures in the Dyslexia Handbook in the identification of, instruction for, and accommodations for students with dyslexia.

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Joyce Ratliff

Through STEM-science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, Hoffmann Elementary students develop the skills of critical thinking, creativity, effective communication, and collaboration all while focusing on the social and emotional aspects of learning.

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