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Leon Valley Elementary has the privilege of being one of the first schools in Northside. In 1894 a group of gentlemen started a school in present day Leon Valley on two acres of land and named it Evers School. It was located on the east corner of Evers and Huebner roads. After two years as a private school, it became Evers School District #5-1/2, for most of its early existence Evers School had one teacher that taught first through fifth grade. The Leon Valley Common School District #5-1/2 was created in 1924. Evers School was relocated and the new school was named Leon Valley by Henry Steubing and built on the corner of Bandera and Grissom roads. In the 1948-1949 school year, Leon Valley, Helotes, Locke Hill, Mackey, and Leon Springs were consolidated and became Northside Common School District. In 1958 Leon Valley had its first full time principal, Mr. James Carson and a new building containing a library and five classrooms was constructed. In 1980, the school and students moved to the present location 7111 Huebner Road.

Joe Wood 1950-1953
Edmund Cody 1953-1956
Russell Weaver 1956-1957
Herman Banks 1957-1958
James Carson 1958-1961
Rob Adair 1961-1969
Phil Schuback 1969-1982
Winn Murnin 1982-1984
James Resendez 1984-1990
Terry Cover 1990-2001
Ray Galindo 2001-2004
Scott McKenzie 2004-2009
Stephanie Athey 2009-2012
Rebecca Flores 2012-2022
Jessica Ruiz 2022-Present
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