Collage of staff

Social Studies

Thalia Mendez

Department Coordinator

US History

Dennis Olivares

World History, Government, & Economics

Erin Knippa

World Geography & Government

Students are strongly encouraged to be actively involved in classroom activities and discussions. Here at Alternative your students are eligible to participate in our Social studies elective courses such as Mexican American studies, African American Studies, Sociology, Personal Finance, and many more. As a department we challenge our students to critically think and become aware of current events. 

Our goal is to give our students the opportunity to mold into their true selves and become advocates for their community. We believe it is important to analyze events from the past as well as current events, so that the student has a basic understanding of history.
We provide many activities focusing on writing, debating/speaking, reading, problem-solving, and critical thinking. Students gain the opportunity to become public speakers and self advocate for themselves in their community.

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