Academy of Software Development

The Academy of Software Development provides students the opportunity to study concepts of software development in an officially licensed C++ Authorized Academy through Oracle. In this academy, students will have the opportunity to learn Python, C++, and JAVA. Students can earn MTA-Software Development certifications as well as Microsoft Office and IC3 certifications. 

All NSITE students will take the standard core courses, but it is recommended that all students take English at the Pre-AP and AP level for all 4 years and all social studies courses at the Pre-AP and AP level through U.S. History. All freshmen will take AP Human Geography. The academy you choose will determine the sequence of business courses you will take over your 4 years at NSITE.  Your counselor will work with you to ensure that you meet all graduation and academy requirements.  NSITE students must complete 6 business credits prior to graduation and must be enrolled in at least one business class each year.

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