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Mentor Program Information 2023-2024

The Mentor Program at NSITE has been in existence for over thirty years.  We are honored that you have decided to partner with NSITE to make a difference in the lives of students.  

For more information, please contact our Programs Coordinator Mr. Billy Logwood, billy.logwood@nisd.net or 210-397-7069 and/or our Mentor Clerk, Ms. Noriega, at michelle.noriega@nisd.net or 210-397-7068.  


Apply here if you are interested in mentoring an NSITE student. 



Apply here if you are a student and want a professional mentor. 



Background check - https://hrvolunteer.nisd.net/TempMod.nsf?Open


Mentor Lunch Dates  

September 2023-- 21st & 22nd

October 2023 -- 19th & 20th

November 2023-- 16th & 17th

December 2023-- 14th & 15th 

January 2024-- 18th &19th 

February 2024-- 15th & 16th

March 2024-- 21st & 22nd

April 2024 --11th & 12th

May 2024-- 17th (Mentor Banquet) 


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