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FLEX is an additional period to allow for targeted intervention, extension, and enrichment. 

The FLEX period falls between 2nd and 3rd periods, lasting a total of 30 minutes.

FLEX is meant to add "flex"ability to our students' already busy schedules.  This time allows for tutoring during the school day.  Students may be invited (flagged) to a FLEX session by a teacher or students may flag themselves to a location of their choice. 

Emails will be sent daily to notify the student of their FLEX location for the day. Students are expected to report and remain in that location for attendance.  Students are not allowed access to the parking lots during FLEX. 

Attendance to FLEX is mandatory, absences will be addressed with students, parents, and administration if necessary. 































FLEX is meant to add "FLEX"ibility to your already busy schedules.

FLEX allows for academic choice time. 

If you have been flagged for intervention you will see a red scheck for the day. Thant indicates that the teacher has requested to work with you. Students must report to their scheduled FLEX session on the days they are flagged-even if it is a teacher you do not have. 

Flex is NOT optional. Everyone has to have somewhere to spend their time.


Mondays and Fridays are FLEX Advisory days. Students can check their grades and flag themselves for the week. Flex is from 10:44am to 11:14 am. Between 2nd and 3rd periods. FLEX is a mandatory part of the day. Every student must report to a FLEX location.

FLEX intervention- the main goal of FLEX intervention is to increase student success, decrease the number of failing students, and is an opportunity for small group learning. Teachers can flag struggling students for extra help. Teacher requests are indicated by a red chack mark and can not be changed. Students can also flag themselves to work with teachers. 

Enrichment/ Extension- the goal of enrichment/extension is to provide opportunities for students who are passing their classes to participate in a variety of activities. Some examples include: Band, Orchestra, Choir, Dance,Art, fun science labs, crocheting, chess, college research, etc. Enrichment/Extensions may change frequently so check the week-at-a-glance during FLEX advisory.

Open areas- Open are areas are available for students who are passing their classes.

Cafeteria: Students flag themselves to a table and must sit in their assigned location. Students can flag themselves with classmates to work on projects. Students may complete homework, read, or use their electronics in an appropriate manner.

Library: Quiet reading or homework time. Electronics should be for school assignments. 

Computer Labs: Priority goes to students in computer classes, after that they are first come, first served. 

Students in open ares are still required to flag themselves in advance top open areas. Attendance is taken at all FLEX sessions.


Flex Priority Days

Use FLEXisched to flag yourself prior to FLEX days (remember, FLEXISCHED locks on FLEX mornings).

Select FLEX sessions based on need- make up missing assignments, get ahead in class, conference with your teachers.

Check you email for daily reminders- every FLEX morning you will receive an email with your most up-to-date schedule.

Arrive to FLEX on time and prepared

Stay in your assigned FLEX session for the entire duration on FLEX--You are not allowed to go anywhere with a pass during FLEX time. All teachers and counselors are busy working with their own FLEX sessions.



Q: When can I change my schedule?

A: FLEXISCHED is open all day Friday-Monday and AFTER FLEX on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.(Don't forget to save your selections)

Q: I don't know the teacher I am flagged to. Do I still have to go?

A: Students should report to the FLEX session on their schedule even if they do not recognize the teacher's name. 

Q: I was counted absent, but I was there. What do I do?

A:  Talk to your teacher and have them email the FLEX coordinator.

Q: What if I am passing all my classes? What do I do during FLEX? 

A: Students who are passing can choose an Open Area, Extension, or Enrichment. 

Q: Can I go off campus or out to my car during FLEX?

A: FLEX is part of the school day and students MUST report to their assigned FLEX location. Students who do not go to FLEX or who go off campus are subject to disciplinary consequences.


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