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Flex is an additional period that requires a modified bell schedule every Tuesday and Thursday to allow for targeted intervention, extension, and enrichment.

The new flex period will fall between 2nd and 3rd period, lasting a total of 30 minutes.

Flex is meant to add "flex"ability to our students' already busy schedules. Flex is NOT optional. Everyone has to report somewhere to work on academics. Where students report depends on their individual needs, which may change daily.

  • Interventions- “anything a school does above and beyond what all students receive to help certain students succeed academically.  Interventions are not only academic, but also behavior, attendance, and health services.”
  • Extensions- “when students are stretched beyond essential grade-level curriculum or levels of proficiency.”  
  • Enrichment- "students having access to the subjects that elective teachers teach, such as fine arts and CTE courses."


Students needing assistance with FLEX come to B102 to Amanda Thornton, call 210-3974858 or email


FLEX Bell Schedule 2019-20

Tuesday & Thursday

Period Start End
1st 9:00 9:45
2nd 9:51 10:36
FLEX 10:39 11:09
3rd 11:15 12:00
4th 12:06 12:51
5th 12:57 1:42
6th 1:48 2:33
7th 2:39 3:24
8th 3:30 4:15 



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