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Parent and Family Engagement

What is a Liaison and their role?

In short, a liaison is the connection between parents and the school. Providing as many resources to our families as possible, from rental assistance, to food and clothing shelters; building relationships with students, parents and vendors in the community and work with each for the advancement of all. Further, providing a safe place for parents to share concerns and suggestions regarding their child’s success in school, home and community.

Tracia Westley, M.P.A.

Tracia Westley, Family and Community Liaison for Pease Middle School

My Goals:

To Motivate every student and their families to achieve greatness.

To Create an atmosphere that is welcoming to our parents, families as  a whole and the community. 

To Promote family engagement in our school while providing resources  and/or the tools to do so as often as possible. 

To Gather information and resources from our community vendors that will assist each family’s needs in their day to day lives. 

To Celebrate ALL accomplishments of our teachers, students, families and community!

About Me:

I am a wife, mother, daughter, aunt and  friend! I am a graduate of Wayland Baptist  University where I obtained a Bachelor’s in  Human Services and Master’s in Public  Administration. I have worked with families and the community for over 20  years in both the public and private sector. I  believe that families are the heartbeat of  every community and the school is an  essential tool in assisting with the success  of students and their families. Working  together with families, the school and the  community makes it possible to have a  meaningful society. I also believe that you  grow where you’re planted if given the  proper nutrients.

Upcoming Events

Events for October/November

October 2021

November 2021
10/13 - "Let’s get Techy" technology workshop at 10a-11a in room D-105. 11/10 - Information on Mental Illness in teens. Guest speaker- Clarity Guidance Center. 10a-11a in Room D-105.
10/18 - Parent and Family Engagement first committee member meeting at 5:30p-6:30p in the library. Refreshments will be available. 11/16 - National Parent Engagement Day- we will recognize our parents with a sweet treat. 
10/27 - "Tips on Budgeting/Finance" workshop at 10a-11a in Room D-105  


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