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It is the parents’ legal responsibility to ensure that their child attends school regularly and on time: to school. The State Compulsory School Attendance Law requires that all children between the ages of six (6) and eighteen (18) must attend school. The law also states that all children enrolled in school must attend all day, every day, for the entire school year.

Written confirmation of the absence is due when the student returns to school. The excuse note should be delivered to the attendance office the day immediately following the absence. The excuse note should contain the following information:

  1. Student name (printed)
  2. Student ID#/Grade level
  3. Parent name (printed)
  4. Parent Signature
  5. Date(s) of absence
  6. Specific reason for absence
  7. Telephone number where parent can be reached

When a student’s absence for personal illness reaches three or more consecutive days, a statement from the physician or health clinic verifying the illness or other condition should be provided. The school will not excuse an absence if documentation is submitted more than 3 days after a student returns to school from an absence. If a student has 10 or more absences to date (both excused and unexcused) or establishes a questionable pattern of absences, a doctor’s note will need to be provided for future absences to be excused. The school administration, attendance secretary, and a district attendance officer monitor school attendance. State law requires 100% attendance unless excused by school officials. Parents and students are held responsible for attendance. Students who are absent due to truancy may only receive a maximum grade of 70 on make-up work. It is highly recommended that you schedule appointments after school or on weekends. If you must keep an appointment during the school day, return the child to school unless the doctor recommends immediate home rest. Provide a doctor’s not to the school when your child returns. Arriving late or leaving early disrupts the class, reduces valuable learning time for everyone. Being late or leaving early from school is counted as a partial-day absence, which is a violation of the Compulsory Attendance Law. After 3 unexcused absences an Attendance Warning Notice will be issued. If the unexcused absences continue court action will be taken.


Late to School

Students arriving after 8:40 AM must report to the attendance clerk. Students will be required to sign-in and will be issued a detention hall for late arrival. The attendance clerk will provide the student with an admit slip to class.


Leaving School

STUDENTS WHO WALK, RIDE A BUS, OR ARRIVE BY CAR ARE TO REMAIN ON CAMPUS ONCE THEY ARRIVE IN THE MORNING. Any student that leaves campus without first signing out in the attendance office will be subject to disciplinary action. A parent, or parent designee, must sign the student out.

Students leaving or returning to school during the day must check in/out with the attendance secretary.


Make-Up Work

Students are occasionally absent from class for a variety of reasons. The responsibility for make-up work in these instances rests completely with the student. Make-up work will be provided for absences by request on the morning of the third consecutive day of absence. Please call before 9 a.m. Being away on a school sponsored trip will not be considered an excuse for not turning in work on time and correctly completed.

We ask your assistance when your child is absent from school. Further, when your child returns to school they are required to have a written note that contains the following information: student name (printed) student ID #, grade level, parent/guardian name (printed), parent/guardian signature, date of absence, specific reason for absence, and telephone number where parent/guardian can be reached. This information is required since attendance records are auditable, legal documents. Except in cases of extended illness, the student is responsible for gathering and completing make-up work upon his/her return to school.

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