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Fine Arts

Fine Arts


Mrs. Almendra Desmond
Art 1 MS
Art 2 MS

Ms. Ymelda Salas
Art 2 MS
Art 1 HS 
Studio Art HS

Art Goal: Our aim is to nurture the artistic potential of each student to its fullest extent.

NISD's art courses are designed around key concepts, encompassing a diverse range of 2D and 3D artistic principles. The curriculum spans drawing, painting, printmaking, digital art, and three-dimensional art forms like ceramics and mixed media compositions. Students are encouraged to cultivate artistic originality, creativity, and problem-solving skills, preparing them to actively participate in district and state-level events.
Our programs stand out for their competitive and challenging nature, providing students with a platform to push their artistic boundaries. It's worth noting that our art program has received awards, underscoring our commitment to excellence in fostering artistic talent. 

Band Director: Gabriel Vanegas

Assistant Band Director: Joseph Mora

Orchestra Director: Angelica Guerra

Choir Director: Natalie Dunckel

Dance Program Director: Fay Patkowski

Family consumer science program director: Linda Zecher

Theatre Arts Program Director: Caela O'Connell

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