Students receiving their Chromebooks during distribution

Social Studies

In social studies, we provide opportunities for students to read maps, categorize information, analyze artifacts and primary resources, compare and contrast ideas, summarize main ideas, and interpret historical documents. These  are skills will help students gain a better understanding of the world in which they live.


6th Grade:                             

  • Theresa Young             
  • Ariella Cemental

7th Grade:

  • Jacob Holguin
  • Joshua Palmer

8th Grade

  • Jacqueline Grobe
  • Brandon Tate
  • Brittany Vandergrift  


Social Studies 6 Students study people, places, and societies of the contemporary world.
Texas History 7 / Texas History Advanced* Students study the history of Texas from the early times to the present.
 U.S. History 8 / U.S. History Advanced* Students are introduced to the history of the United States.  

*   Advanced courses build on content and offer enrichment

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