Course Catalog - College Transition

College Transition

PR: Prerequisite   |   CR: Credit for Course   |   SEM: Semesters   |   LC: Local Credit

College Transition (12) #9027

College Transition M (12) #9026

College Transition is a high school course designed to equip students with the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to be active and successful learners both in high school and in college.

SEM: 2 CR: 1


School to College (11-12) #9024

In School to College, students identify interests and strengths, mapping them to potential careers, and research in-demand occupations and industries. Students then evaluate the best institution type which meets their career goals. As part of financial planning, students calculate returns on postsecondary investment. Students quantitatively evaluate postsecondary options by analyzing their return on investment. 

SEM: 1 CR: .5