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At the Steubing STEM Lab, our goal is to provide a safe, fun environment for students to explore integrated lessons in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). During our STEM Lab rotation, every student is a maker, designer, programmer, engineer, and many other things. The possibilities here are endless, and every student is encouraged to dream big in terms of what they can accomplish. 

Students are encouraged to have a Growth Mindset when they discover they are struggling.  Knowing that these mistakes and challenges we face are a puzzle to be solved brings the learner’s perspective from an “I can't!”“I can’t YET!” 

During many units, classes are given a challenge that is to be accomplished using the NISD Engineering Process: Ask, Imagine, Create, Collaborate, Improve. This cycle is one that we hope to instill in students so that they may grow to use such a process in their future careers as problem solvers. Materials are sometimes intentionally limited, and parameters are given, but students are taught to work as a team in order to accomplish their tasks in the most efficient and innovative manner possible. 

In STEM Lab, students will learn to program, code, and design in a way that builds an understanding of what the "robots" in our life do for our communities. 

Most importantly, our Steubing Stallions will grow an understanding and appreciation for the engineering that affects our world so that they too can one day leave their mark in an innovative way!

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