Timberwilde Academics

Kinder-5TH Grade Levels

Meet the Grade Level Teams:

Welcome to Kindergarten! We are so excited for this school year. Our team is passionate about meeting the individual needs of each of our students. Our curriculum utilizes learning through play in order to provide an engaging classroom atmosphere. We as a team value the relationships we build with our students and families in order to create a lasting love for learning!

Team Members:

Patty Cantu

Isabel Gonzales

Sophia Gutierrez

Elora Valdez


Welcome to first grade! Through engaging, hands-on learning experiences, we create students who are creative, critical thinkers who value collaboration. The first grade teachers focus on the whole child and promote social emotional learning activities and daily morning meetings. Relationships with students and families are at the core of all we do. First graders become skilled readers and writers and grow as mathematicians and scientists as the year progresses.  We are excited to work with your child!

Team Members: 

Debbie Patterson

Jamie Espinosa

Kimberley Kelvin

Suhgey Reyes


Welcome to second grade!  We welcome each child’s uniqueness!  Each day begins with our daily greeting and Morning Meetings.  Our Morning Meetings provide a safe haven for our students.  Our students learn to be resourceful, develop empathy, resilient and have compassion for oneself and others. During second grade our students use transitional words to organize their writing.  They also continue to read aloud, however, you will notice how fluency and reading with expression has progressed. They become knowledgeable solving multi-step word problems and exploring our world in Science/Social Studies.  We look forward to working with you and your child for a fantastic year. 

Team Members:

Victoria Flores

Emily Rogers

Thaisha Hamblin 


Welcome to third grade! In third grade we work alongside our students to help them become independent critical thinkers, learners, solution finders, creators, innovators, collaborators, communicators, and leaders. We strive to set every student up for success by building relationships each and every day. With a focus on social emotional learning, our students will know they are loved and supported inside and outside of our classroom.

Team Members:

Katherine Bolanos

Brianna Navarro

Brain Rodriguez

Jennifer Cox

We love Fourth Grade, and we welcome all students with open arms!  In Fourth grade, students continue to adopt a growth mindset to reach new heights both academically and social-emotionally.  Fourth Graders continue to become skilled collaborators, communicators, creators, innovators, leaders, learners, critical thinkers, and solution-finders.  Our team prioritizes creating healthy, supportive relationships with students and families, and our shared investment in student growth is at the core of our beliefs. It is the foundation for all we do, and we can’t wait to start working together with students and families!

Team Members:

Celina Romero 

Francine Zaldivar

Madhavi Usgoanker

Jennifer Watkins

Welcome to Fifth grade where students will prepare for the transition to middle school by developing their social, emotional, and academic skills. Exploration of numbers through a variety of activities helps students in math with numerical representation and relationships, geometry and measurement, computations and algebraic relationships, and data analysis and monetary transactions. In social studies, students are introduced to the formation of our country, geography, and economics. In science, students explore the Physical, Life, Earth, and Space sciences through hands-on activities. In Reading/Language Arts, students will use novels to build their comprehension and their understanding of the different genres of literature.

Team Members:

Matt Bartosh

Michelle Flores 

Cid Garcia

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