Frequently Asked Questions

High School Magnet FAQ’s

Can I apply to more than one magnet school? 

Yes, students may apply to all or as many magnet high schools as they choose to. We encourage students to apply to as many as they are able to so they can have choices in which to select from at the end.

Is there a separate application for each school? 

This year will be the first year that there will be one application shared by all Magnet HS.



  • Application process

    Parents of Northside students do not need to create an account if they either enrolled online this year or completed the priority registration for returning students last spring.  If they receive a message that an account already exists for the email address entered, please click the 'Forgot Password?" link and an email will be sent with instructions to reset their password.  Out of district parents and new to NISD students will need to create an account to complete the application.

What if I'm accepted to more than one school?

Students will only be accepted into one magnet school this year.

Can I still apply if I have a few bad grades? 

Students are encouraged to do their best at all times. A few bad grades can be turned into a few good/decent grades too. We do not discourage students from applying because there could be many variables that are contributing to the “bad” grades. The applications list “C’s” are acceptable.

How does transportation work for magnet schools? 

Transportation is free and accessible to students. The usual arrangement is that students will get picked up at their nearest NISD MS or ES. Or, if it is not within our NISD boundaries, transportation will set up a route for them. Once the student/parent knows which Magnet HS the student will attend, the Magnet HS can set them up automatically with transportation OR the parent can contact transportation to set up their new route.

May I change my mind at a later time and transfer to another magnet school? 

If a student wishes to leave one Magnet HS to attend another Magnet HS, student will need to wait for the following school year to re-apply to the Magnet HS that they want to attend; given that the student is not classified higher than freshman status, so the student can begin as a sophomore at their “newly” selected Magnet HS; if accepted.

If I am not accepted to a magnet school as an 8th grader, is there another time I can try to apply again?

If you do not get accepted in your 8th grade year to begin as a freshman at a Magnet HS, you can apply again during recruiting season as a freshman so you can begin as a 10th grader at a Magnet HS; if accepted.

Are letters of recommendation needed to be considered for acceptance? 

Letters of Recommendation are not a requirement, but are always welcomed.

What if I begin the school year at the magnet and later decide I want to go to my home comprehensive high school campus instead?

Students are encouraged to use their academic support system that is set in place (such as teachers, counselors, administrators, tutoring services, and other opportunities offered) before they make decisions about leaving the Magnet HS to their Comprehensive HS. In the end, the decision will be made by the student and their parent(s)/guardian(s). Students are encouraged to communicate with their Magnet HS Principal before taking such action and then take steps to withdraw from the Magnet HS and then enroll at their comprehensive high school.

For magnet schools other than Health Careers, what is the relationship between the magnet school and the comprehensive high school associated with the magnet school?

Magnet HS located on comprehensive HS campuses collaborate regularly to make decisions that maximize the potential benefits of all magnet students. Students will take some courses at the comprehensive campus as a magnet student. Specific courses taken will vary by campus.

Important Dates

November 30, 2020: Application window opened

January 18, 2021: Application window closes

January 29, 2021: Acceptance letter mailed

February 8, 2021: Decision deadline